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Grilled Cheese
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Our grilled cheese sandwiches are the best!
   Mousetrap-House blend of 5 cheeses 7.00
  Croak Mousey-Mousetrap with slice prosciutto 8.50
  Country Mouse - Fresh Mozzarella w/ pesto and     fresh tomatoes 7.50
  Wise Greek-Bucherondin Goat cheese with fig and ginger jam 7.50
  Swamp Yankee - Vermont Cheddar w/ Blueberry Jam 7.50
  French Mouse-Brie with apricot jam 7.50
  7 Year Quebec Cheddar – Sharp cheddar 8.00
  Parrano-Nutty gouda 7.00
  Emmenthaler-Real swiss cheese 6.50
  Mickey Mouse-American cheese 5.50

  Cold Sandwiches

  Porch Pig-Pate, pub mustard, cornichons,arugula 10.50 


  Mona Lisa-Brie- Mixed greens, dried fruits,     strawberry balsamic jam 8.50
Vegan Wrap-Mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumbers
carrots, hummus 8.50


  Goat Cheese Salad-Mixed greens, 
cucumbers, tomato, carrots,
  Bucherondin goat cheese 10.50
  Salad with Chicken-Mixed Greens, cucumbers, tomato, carrots, 
 grilled chicken 12.50

Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar
Sesame Ginger
Roasted Garlic
Classic Italian
Balsamic Fig

Cheese Plates

  Cheese Plate for one-Choice of two 
cheeses, crackers, dried fruits,
 and two condiments 10.50
  Cheese plate for two-Choice of four 
cheeses, crackers, dried fruits, 
and two condiments 21.00

*Ask about today's house made soup

  Tomato Soup-Organic gluten and dairy free
Cup: 3.50 Bowl: 4.99
  House Made Soup- Cup: 4.50 Bowl: 5.99